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I went 7 days without food and lived to tell the tale

I went 7 days without food and lived to tell the tale

It honestly wasn’t that bad at all.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, give a quick skim over these 2 posts HOLY COLONICS! I just booked a 7 day fasting detox retreat in Thailand and 3 weeks in, T-minus 3 days til the start of the fast 

Setting the Scene

I was a very good girl for over three weeks before I left for Thailand.  Meh- it was no fun at all.  BUT I was on a mission and I wasn’t going to mess it up by sneaking in some snacks here and there.

My partner in crime, Adela, had been through all of this before, so she really was a huge help in preparing myself for the fast and getting my mind in the right place.  Some day she will be a health mentor and whip all of your asses into shape.

Armed with our giant bags of dried fruit, we were ready to head east.  We had selected to have vegan raw (I guess all raw is vegan, right?) meals on Etihad Airways and it wasn’t bad at all… the first time.  The same meal was served on both flights, so the tabbouleh had lost it’s luster the second time around.

All flights were fine, no delays, no hunger emergencies.  We even got an earlier flight from Bangkok to Samui, which meant one more hour on the beach.

 Spa Resort Koh Samui Thailand

Once we got settled in our little beach A frames at the Spa Resort, we met with Marion, the nutritional on staff.  Because I had Adela, I didn’t really need Marion, but she was a great resource to have around to ask random questions.

Marion, bless her, said it was fine for me to have Pad Thai for my last meal.  It was great!  I can’t say enough about the Radiance Restaurant on site at the resort.

Seven Day Fast

I’m not going to give you play by plays of each day, only a select few were subject to that noise.  I’ll touch base on the commonly asked questions…

Were you hungry?

Once I arrived at the resort, I was in the zone.  Even from the airport on- I knew it was GO TIME.

At the time, I was asking myself, “What does it feel like to be hungry?  Is hunger even a real thing for someone like me who lives a cushy 1st world life?”  I truly was not hungry once I started the fast.

Now that I am back to my regular routine, exercising again, house wifing and working- I can answer my own question that hunger is indeed real.

If you have a look at my routine (below), you will see that they were constantly pumping liquids into us, so that did the trick of making us not hungry.

What was your day like?

Fasting Schedule

I appreciated the schedule and knowing exactly what I had to do and when, but I would not classify my time there during the fast as relaxing because of it.

We made this schedule, so it was our own creation – others probably weren’t as regimented as us.  They supplied a suggested schedule with time frames of when to do certain things.  Only the supplements and the detox drinks were supposed to be consumed at a certain time.

What is in a detox drink?

Psyllium husk and bentonite clay with water and a spritz of fruit juice.   You can read more about it here > Psyllium and Bentonite Cleanse Recipe 

From what I understand, the purpose of this drink is to clean out the intestines and since it expands, it “scrapes” the walls and pushes down the built up gunk.

Pineapple juice was the group favorite…

Detox Drink Fasting bentonite clay

What is a Chomper Supplement?

More people asked me this question than about how I was feeling.

Supplements Fasting

Did you have energy?

Yes and no.  It was very apparent to me that I had more energy after the detox drink or one of the juices that contained fruit juice aka- calories.

On day 5 I started running in the morning and we would go on evening walks from time to time.  Yoga was also intense on a few days, so there was movement- but not as much as I am used to.  There was down time between our regimented drinks and such, so there was definitely Netflixing going on in my hut.

What were the other people like?

There was quite a mix of fasters from all over the world.  A wide mix of super fit, yogi types to over weight retirees.  It definitely was not a fat camp.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- this is not about weight loss.  There were a few ladies who were pissed off that they weren’t losing weight rapidly.  They obviously didn’t do their homework.

Since the drinks were at the same time every day for every one, you would meet up with the other people often and have a chat if you so wished.  I was with a friend so I wasn’t craving the camaraderie of others, but if I had been alone, I probably would have been more of a chatty Cathy.

How was the resort?

The Spa Resort is the OG of fasting resorts on Samui.  It was the first of its kind!  Last year it was bought out by a conglomerate who is renovating the whole thing.

I’ll just say this– it is in need of renovations.  For me, it was fine.  A simple little A frame on the beach did the trick.  It will be interesting to see what they do with the renovations.  That will take awhile, so if anyone is going to go before the units are finished, I would suggest one of the neighboring hotels – Poolsawat Villa or Samaya Bura

So, the moment of truth…

I am glad that I went and properly did the whole pre-fast and post fast eating thing correctly.  I’m not 100% sold that everyone needs to take part in a fasting/cleanse process in order to be deemed ‘healthy’.   Committing to doing this fast caused me to take the pre-fast plan serious, so basically just staying in line-that was something new for me 😀

Call me old fashioned, but I believe that a good diet and exercise are the key to healthy living, so that is where I am at now.  Trying to combine my food properly and focus on veggie centered meals.

PLEASE do not hesitate to ask me questions about this.  I would not suggest doing anything like this with out speaking with someone who has done it already.  Hit me up or comment below!