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3 weeks in, T-minus 3 days til the start of the fast

3 weeks in, T-minus 3 days til the start of the fast

3 weeks ago today, I returned home from England and went out to an Italian restaurant with the Foton.  It was my last meal before I started the pre-cleanse program for my fast in Thailand.   I had to get that last bit of pasta in before being carb free for at least 6 weeks.

Sayonara Carbohydrates

The suggested plan of attack before the fast varies depending on your source.  I really wanted to get my money’s worth out of this fast and be a good girl before arriving in the land of Thai.

I started with cutting all complex carbohydrates and sugar (besides fruit).  This included beans, rice, and some carbs that pop up in some ‘whole’ diets these days.  Whatever category they fall into, I wasn’t touching them.

It was two weeks of lean meat, dairy, fruit and veg.  Heavy emphasis on the fruit and veg.  The dairy was minimal until the end when I was thinking- I should really have some cheese while I’m in this Atkins type phase.

That type of diet is pretty easy for me because that is how I normally eat during the week.

*Full disclosure- the first Saturday that I started, I had spanikopita for breakfast and a corn-dog and french fries later on.  That was 19 days before the start of my fast, so I wasn’t breaking any rules.

Bye-Bye Animal Products

9 days before the start of my fast my diet switched to only fruits and vegetables.  As I write this, I am still in this stage- day 6 to be exact.

My main gripe about this stage is that it is boring.  Especially if you go out to eat.  Hello salad for every meal.  And I’m not talking fun salads with nuts and cheese– none of that biznass allowed!

Avocados have become my new best friend and tomato soup/sauce makes me happy with its warm flavorfulness.

In this stage you are allowed beans a few times in the week and also potatoes made the ‘ok’ list.  Probably just so people could enjoy life a little during this time frame.  As I mentioned earlier, I want to show up to this joint, ready to go- so I didn’t eat potatoes for every meal.  I still see them as a starchy enemy.

I’ve actually had a few people say to me, “ah, so you are eating Vegan”.  Ummm no.  Vegans eat beans, rice and starchy ass carbs if they so please.  This is a different ballgame all together.

 How do you feel?

I’ve gotten this question quite a bit lately from those who know my circumstances and I’m not gonna lie and say “Great- my life has changed for the better.”

The weeks without carbs, no big deal.  This past week with only the fruit and veg has left me with less energy, more moody and headaches.  When the headaches come, I pop a few raisins and I am good to go.

I can tell when I need to eat and then when I do, I’m back to normal.  I’m definitely not myself, my brain is a bit fuzzy and I haven’t been as motivated as I’d like to be in regards to work and other projects.  BUT this is all temporary and I’m very glad I am doing it.

I tried to find a good gif for Pain is Temporary- but I just can’t get behind that cheesy shit.

Here goes!

Tomorrow I leave for the airport and am all registered as a ‘RAW’ dietary restricted passenger, so at least I will get my food tray first for once.  I’ve got about 1 pound of various dried fruits ready to go with me so I don’t die.  (I’m kidding, Dad!)

Wednesday we arrive at our resort and they feed us a pre-cleanse “meal” and Thursday is day 1 of the “Change My Life” program.  Yup, it’s called that.