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About Moi

About Moi

I hail from America’s Dairyland and currently reside in Athens, Greece.

Why do you have a blog?

Good question.  My aim with this blog is to share my experiences with friends and family that may be visiting the cities that I have been to.  Perhaps someone random will stumble upon it and find it useful, I hope so!

I have worked online since 2010, so my universe has become pretty cyber.

What will you write about?

I’m writing about things that I would like to know about upon arriving to a new city.  Not the facts about history that can easily be found anywhere on the internet, but more about what I liked and didn’t.

While roaming around new cities with friends or my husband, the biggest stress of the day is usually deciding where to eat. Sure there is TripAdvisor, Yelp and other various rating systems, but I prefer suggestions from people that I actually know so I can decide if I want to take their advice or not 😉

But seriously, who are you?

I’m someone who likes to connect people.  Connect them with other people, ideas, a good cheeseburger- whatevs.

Dallas Johnson was in Copenhagen and I told him to go to Cock’s and Cows for a burger and he loved it.  That brought a smile to my face.


When assigned the task of writing an About Me section for, I got a little carried away.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

BUT some people actually are interested in my whole story, so I’ll share it here, split up by job/project.

Jessica (not) Abroad – Lifeguard Manager days at the Wilderness